Back to Basics. No one will tell us that PLY off cuts are destined for the bin.

We have seen it all… With recent technological revolution came new products and new materials. Our lives have been filled with plastic, packaging and food made out of nothing. We are constantly bombarded with things that are meant to be necessary for our existence… and we became tired and  confused. In this surge of Things, it is really difficult to be in harmony with one’s self and with surrounding world. But the reality is changing. Life is all about cycles and now we are entering the new one. It is time to get back to the roots and make things simple again.

We are still committed to fulfill our client’s wishes but we are also trying to promote sustainability. We are in awe of raw materials and reclaimed wood. We are embracing technologies, that bring solutions kind to our Planet. 

From Workshop has changed during the time of its existence, but the overall ‘feel’ of the company has remained. And the essence of who we are is beautifully shown in the new products. Tables made using reclaimed Iroko wood and FSC certified Ply benches, are a good example that simple does not need to be boring. 

Get inspired and breath. 

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