Small Stuff. Why it matters to us and how CNC technology can speed up the process of production..

We like thinking Big. Big projects. Big ambitions. Big dreams… But sometimes, what brings the greatest satisfaction, tuns out to be quite small. Just like a detail on the woodwork, aromatic espresso when you need that little pick up in the afternoon, or a set of new pencils.

Last week we took a break from our usual Big Stuff and focused on creating sets of lamps for one of our loyal customers.

CNC cut out Plywood, a metal cup as a lampshade and a colorful cord. Simplicity at its best. We had enormous fun making those little treasures. When they finally appear in shop windows, they will surely make someones day. Just as they made ours.

With such a powerful and precise machine like CNC, the possibilities are endless. How would You use it?

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