UV Printing. What is it and how can it enhance your business.

At From Workshop we are a team of many talents. Printing has always been a part of our business and we found new technologies invaluable in creating complete projects. However, now we are ready to take our offer to a new level. With  Roland UV Printer, creating lasting graphics has never been easier.

As the name suggests, UV printing involves using ultraviolet light to instantly dry UV ink. This solution offers limitless possibilities, where images can be applied to almost any material, without a risk of smudging. If you are wondering if this has something to do with nails, the answer is yes! UV light is widely used for hardening a nail varnish to create a lasting and strong finish!

There are many benefits of UV printing.

First and foremost, UV Printer offers lasting and vibrant images, easily applied to most materials from vinyl to cups and wicker baskets. If it fits into our machine, we can print on it! The colors are more vibrant and each detail seems clearer. This technology saves time and increases efficiency as there is no need to wait for drying. And lastly, UV printing does not generate fumes and saves energy as it requires no heat. Once programmed, Roland UV printer can print large quantities of material without taking coffee breaks!

From the very first day, Roland UV Printer stole our hearts and imagination with its genius. Creating first samples instantly opened our minds to endless possibilities. We are very excited to offer this service to our customers and we are looking forward to many bright projects in 2023. 

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